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Hot Heading A307 Hex Bolts

Hot Heading A307 Hex Bolts Steel City Bolt not only makes F1554 Gr 55 and F1554 Gr 105 anchor bolts and rods but our hot heading consists mainly of A307 hex bolts, hot dipped galvanized to F2329. We manufacture 100% domestic hex bolts in A307, A449 and heavy hex bolts in A3125.  As you can see.. read more →

We are PennDot approved on A325 Heavy Hex Bolts

GREAT NEWS…We are PennDot Approved on A325 Heavy Hex Bolts. Steel City Bolt has been PennDot approved for many years on such products as F1554 gr 55 anchor bolts and anchor rods and headed items.We are pleased to announce we are now PennDot approved on A325 Heavy Hex Bolts. (A325 bolts are now a grade.. read more →

F1554 Grade 105 Anchor Bolts

Large Utility Customer Ordered Shown F1554 Grade 105 Anchor Bolts These F1554 Grade 105 anchor bolts are part of a large order for a utility customer. Pictured here are 2 ¾” Grade 105 anchor bolts, F2329 hot dipped galvanized with A563 Heavy hex nuts, circular washers, F436 washers and plastic sleeves. The order also included.. read more →

316 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Marine Eye Plates and Pad Plates

We Manufacture Heavy Duty Eye Plates and Pad Plates for the Marine Industry Steel City Bolt had a request for #8000 of 316 stainless steel heavy duty marine eye plates and pad plates. They were stainless welded per AWS D1.1.  These plates were manufactured in the time frame required by our customer. We can supply.. read more →

Exported F1554 grade 105 and 55 Anchor Rods

Over 15 tons of F1554 grade 105 and F1554 grade 55 anchor rods were recently exported to our  customer in Venezuela. This large South American construction company found us on We worked closely with them to get their product shipped within the tight timeframe they required. All anchor bolts were assembled with A563 heavy hex.. read more →

Square Plate Washers, Bent Plate Washers and Angle Plates

For Jobs That Require Square Plate Washers Many of our Steel City Bolt customers require square plate washers with their jobs.  So in order to help out our wonderful customers, we can supply a variety of square plate washers, bent plate washers and angle plates.  Plain finish, hot dipped galvanized or even A193 B8 304 or.. read more →

ASTM A193 B8M and B8 Stainless Steel

These rods made of  ASTM A193 class 1 B8M  316L stainless steel are about to be threaded (national course UNC pitch threads)  on each end. Steel City Bolt can supply class 1 B8 304 and class 1 B8M 316 stainless steel bolts and rods. Whether it be B8 304 all thread stainless steel or a.. read more →

F1554 Grade 55 Anchor Rods headed North

Part of an order of various size double ended rods headed North. These assemblies of 1” to 1 ½” F1554 Grade 55 ANCHOR RODS are assembled with A153 heavy hex nuts, F436 washers, plastic sleeves and various size SQUARE ANCHOR PLATES. Let Steel City Bolt handle your anchor rod assembly requirements. read more →

Another West Coast Customer utilitizes SCB with a load of F1554-55 Anchor Bolts for a Project down South

Another load of ASTM F1554-55 Anchor bolts with ASTM A194 2H heavy hex nuts and square flat plate washers tack welded are headed south for a west coast customer, taking advantage of quality product and freight rates at a fair price.   100% ALL DOMESTIC American Made!  We have customers who are subcontractors that have projects.. read more →

Square Flat and Square Curved Plate Washers

Steel City Bolt manufactures square flat and square curved plate washers. More and more bolts, rods and studs are requiring assemblies with nuts and square plate washers. Some assembled loose and some tack welded together. Steel City Bolt has been making square plate washers and curved plate washers for years.  We assemble loose or welded.. read more →