About Us


Founded in 1968, Steel City Bolt & Screw has become a leader in the specialty fastener industry. Domestically produced fasteners are our specialty and the core of our business. Material certifications are provided with our domestic materials. We also carry some imported parts to distribute to customers that have no preference of their origin. Our complete product line can be found here.

Steel City Bolt serves a broad range of industries including utilities, construction, railroad, telecommunications, steel fabricators, marina hardware, equipment manufacturers, and many others. We produce and distribute parts used in the United States and abroad, click here for more information.

From our plant in Birmingham, Alabama we can produce your domestic fastener in a timely and quality manner. Our capabilities meet the requirements of the most demanding companies and projects. If you are looking for a manufacture the is easy to deal with, values your business, produces domestic fasteners and ships in a timely manner; then get in touch with us today.

Our sales staff can be reached at (800) 522-2658 or you can use our contact form below. E-mails will be answered very quickly and are monitored on the weekends for urgent inquires.