20 Jun 2017

Large Utility Customer Ordered Shown F1554 Grade 105 Anchor Bolts

These F1554 Grade 105 anchor bolts are part of a large order for a utility customer. Pictured here are 2 ¾” Grade 105 anchor bolts, F2329 hot dipped galvanized with A563 Heavy hex nuts, circular washers, F436 washers and plastic sleeves. The order also included F1554 grade 55 anchor bolts in diameters from ¾” to 2 ¾”. Close to 100 tons of steel were used.

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Recommended Nut Specifications – F1554 Anchor Bolts

Understanding what type of nuts you can use on your project can be very confusing but Steel City Bolt has made it easy.  On our technical page for F1554, you can see what nut is required on your project.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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