04 Oct 2016

Another West Coast Customer utilitizes SCB with a load of F1554-55 Anchor Bolts for a Project down South

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Another load of ASTM F1554-55 Anchor bolts with ASTM A194 2H heavy hex nuts and square flat plate washers tack welded are headed south for a west coast customer, taking advantage of quality product and freight rates at a fair price.   100% ALL DOMESTIC American Made!  We have customers who are subcontractors that have projects in south and on the Atlantic coast.  If you need ASTM F1554 anchor bolts, call for a quote today at 800-522-2658 or email sales@steelcitybolt.com.

Thank you for letting us ‘help you keep it together’.


The Strength of F1554-55 Anchor Bolts

We recently had a request for quote for some “high strength bolts” of various diameters and lengths.  This can be very confusing to someone who is new and asking for a quote on F1554-55 anchor bolts.  F1554 anchor bolts can ONLY come in THREE Grades of steel.

F1554 Grade 36 Low carbon, 36 ksi yield steel anchor bolts
F1554 Grade 55 High strength, low alloy, 55 ksi yield steel anchor bolts
F1554 Grade 105 Alloy, heat treated, high strength 105 ksi yield steel anchor bolts

F1554 Anchor Bolts Markings

F1554-55 Color ConfigurationsAccording to the ASTM code, F1554 Anchor Bolts are color marked for grading purposes.  In the order above, the F1554 anchor bolts are marked with the color “YELLOW” designating a grade 55.



Recommended Nut Specifications – F1554 Anchor Bolts

Understanding what type of nuts you can use on your project can be very confusing but Steel City Bolt has made it easy.  On our technical page for F1554, you can see what nut is required on your project.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE.


Scope – F1554 Anchor Bolts

The ASTM F1554 specification was introduced in 1994 and covers anchor bolts designed to anchor structural supports to concrete foundations. F1554 anchor bolts can take the form of either headed bolts, straight rods, or bent anchor bolts. The three grades 36, 55, and 105 designate the minimum yield strength (ksi) of the anchor bolt. The bolts can be either cut or roll threaded. CLICK HERE FOR MORE


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